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Deacon Jim Miller a.k.a. “Killin’ Jim” Miller

Although the script for GRAVE INJUSTICE is entirely fiction, I wanted to introduce an actual historical figure in the film. I chose the assassin and psychopath Jim Miller. Miller is a fascinating character. He wore a black frock coat at all times. (It was later revealed that he wore a steel plate underneath to protect himself from bullets.) He never cussed or drank. He attended church regularly. Sometimes as an alibi for a convenient murder. (As was the case in the killing of his Brother-In-Law, John Coop.) He was a prolific killer. When he was eventually lynched he confessed to killing fifty-one men. Some even believe he gunned down the infamous lawman, Sheriff Pat Garrett. The man who brought down Billy the Kid. His usual modus operandi was blasting the unsuspecting victim with a double barrel shotgun.

My intension was to create a character that had a few pivotal, but scene-stealing scenes in GRAVE INJUSTICE in the hopes of attracting a name actor in the role. It’s the chance to play a multifaceted and flawed persona. A dark antagonist with cool weapons, garb, and quirks. (With only a handful of shooting days. A short commitment.)

Additional information:
Shotgun for Hire: The Story of “Deacon” Jim Miller, Killer of Pat Garrett

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